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Hey ^_^ It is nice to meet you. I am a 18 year old girl, and I am Canadian. I am a sprite artist, and also love games both old and new. Cheers ^o^

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Hi ^_^

Nice to see you all, I hope everyone reading this is doing well.

I don't necessarily have news, however this was something I wanted to talk about. About a year ago, around this time, I had began a small project for myself. As some of you know, I like to create Mega Man Xtreme custom and coloured sprites. Back then, I was working on creating an entire game dedicated to Mega Man Xtreme, it was going to be the entirety of X1 in the mega man xtreme style. This does sound like a lot, however, with the amount of Mega Man X1 content that is in the extreme series, remaking and reshaping sprites for myself would not be hard.

I had worked on a fair deal of things, making new sprites for X and Zero (the Zero sprite I would have used would be his X1 form in Xtreme style, similar to the Zero sprites I upload onto here).

I had a few sprites done, along with most of the stage select, I also had plans to make ALL songs in the series in Xtreme style, even the ones that already got the treatment in the original games using the Game boy color instruments.

However, my computer went maverick after a really bad crash >.< It had gotten rid of almost everything I had worked on, and even crashed while I was continuing to sprite the Maverick Stage select. The backgrounds, sprites and stage select I had worked on were almost all gone, with the exception for a sprite sheet of X and Zero I had made.

Although I did not have much done, it really got me down >.> I was in highschool at the time, and I had lost motivation to restart my game progress, and just gave up entirely.

I was considering remaking this project again, since I have the time. Most of the Mavericks in the X1 are in the xtreme series (Chill Penguin, Armored Armadillo, Storm Eagle, Spark Mandrill, Launch Octopus, Flame Mammoth, with the exception of Sting Chameleon and Boomer Kwanger ROFL, meaning most work would go towards making their sprites from the ground up)

Remaking all maverick sprites, making new backgrounds from the Xtreme games, and their attacks would be my main goal, along with making new music for every part of the game. I would love to hear Zero's theme again for myself in a new Xtreme style ^_^

It is unlikely I will ever finish what I started, but lately, I have been wanting to recreate this idea again, despite how long it may take. If I do end up continuing, and even finishing, I will upload it here on Newgrounds for you all to play ^_^

Thank you for reading, have a lovely week.

-Iris ^_^iu_83855_7523368.png


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