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IrisOfTheRepliforce's News

Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - July 23rd, 2023

Hi there. This is something I have been meaning to talk about for an insanely long time now. I have put this off, and I should have done this sooner; Long story short, I am going to be discussing multiple things in this post, those being my wanting to expand to other websites and also discussion regarding my Newgrounds name. This is going to be a long post, and I am in need of advice, so if you would like to give some suggestions, please, by all means, I am open ears :o

To make a long story short, for those of you who do not know, my Newgrounds name is a direct reference to the mega man series. I have absolutely zero passion for this series now these days, and even have grown to despise it for personal reasons. I would really really really love the chance to change my name on this platform. The problem however, is that I actually did briefly change my name on here in the past, to which I had unfavorable results. Long story short, the name change at the time resulted in a lot of weird errors regarding access to my account, to which I politely requested my name be changed back (Tom Fulp himself helped me through this and he was insanely respectful and helpful)

I would really love to change my name permanently, however, I really do not want a repeat of the complications that came from the last experience I had. In order to change your name, you need a membership. At one time in the past a while ago, someone who I knew randomly gifted me a 1 month membership which I used to change my name temporarily. If I were to change my name again, I would get myself a membership, that is no problem in itself, however the aftermath of changing a name is what worries me here.


I would like to know for future reference.

As of right now, I only publicly upload art to Newgrounds. It honestly is comforting to only have my content on one platform as it gives me less stress to deal with, however I was thinking of taking my art to other platforms as well to expand.... the problem is a lot of other platforms seem insanely unappealing to me ^.^; Tumblr is confusing, Deviantart is not what it used to be (I dislike its new layout), Twitter is insane (twitter is actually like a super bad place to be for guilty gear artists since they get bombarded by people obsessed with Bridget arguments), Im not so sure how posting art on reddit works... its just all super confusing ^.^; I would really like one other platform to go on, though, what do you all recommend?

It is also important to note that over time, a few bots have picked up on my work and reuploaded them to other platforms. There is not much I can do about this, and it pretty much happens to most artists, which is unfortunate. I was wondering if a name change could potentially help lower my chances of bots finding my art.

As of right now, I see a few options for myself; Those being

ONE: Get a name change on Newgrounds, but I am not so sure how smooth the process would be. I do not want a repeat of the past incident.

TWO: Leave my Newgrounds name as is, but dont post there anymore, I would take my work to another platform.


Delete my Newgrounds and start new somewhere else. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS, however I really really really dislike having my current name on here, it bothers me a lot. Deleting my Newgrounds would really be unfortunate, but it is an action I am willing to take if nothing else works out.


I get a name change here on Newgrounds and pick another platform to publicly upload art too. I would really like this personally, and I wonder if it is possible.

As of right now, I am not so sure which option to take. I would really like some advice here. I love doing art, however my situation has really killed my motivation for art if I am to be posting under a name I really really really dislike.

Please let me know what you all think. I would like to discuss this and I have been meaning to get this off my chest for a while now.


Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - June 7th, 2023

Hi there! So, basically, I just finished up my OC art requests. Thank you so much to everyone who put in a request!

So..... now that I am done, you know what that means, right?



But since I felt as if the art request I put out from last time went rather well, in terms of how I paced myself, I would like to do another art open art request for you all, this time its Guilty Gear ONLY.

Honestly, I REALLY want to draw every playable character in the series at least once. Its been a silent goal of mine for a while now. And recently, I've just been in a habit of drawing the same ones over and over again AHAHAHA. I currently do have some WIPS of some characters on the backburner but I REALLY want to take requests for characters you personally would want to see!


(ONE) 1. I would prefer to draw characters I have not drawn before, HOWEVER, I have absolutely no problem with drawing the same character again even if I had previously drawn them quite a bit (For example, if you request Bedman, a character I have drawn like A LOT, I will certainly take that request, but I may prioritize doing another character first in the meantime.)

(TWO) 2. You can request them doing anything and any one of my styles that I currently work with! For example if you wanted to see a certain character drawn in pixel art, a simple portrait, monochrome, full body or one of my more simple stylized art pieces, I will do my best to fulfil that request. HOWEVER, if I feel as if a character may suit another style a bit better, I MAY take creative liberty and draw them in a different style than the one requested. Again, I will do my best to do what you ask, however, sometimes things happen.

(THREE) 3. NO NSFW. Now, of course, this being Guilty Gear, a lot of the outfits of the characters are super suggestive and sexy, so I am DEF open to drawing something a little more suggestive than what I usually do. However, this does not mean that Im gonna draw Sol Badguy's peepee for you ^.^; nah bro LOL So no requests that are too out of line (nothing nakey, is what I am saying LOL. Any of the cannon outfits are totally okay)

(FOUR) 4. You can request for two (or more) characters to be in the same picture together! Feel free to give me a scenario too. Please note that if you request more than one character in the same image, the style will most likely be a lot more simple.

(FIVE) 5. This should be obvious enough, but in case it isn't lemme put it in all caps for ya


This is a Guilty Gear art open request, no requests for OCs drawn in character outfits, no requests for any other video game, JUST characters that appear in the Guilty Gear games. If you don't know what a "Guilty Gear" is, thats okay! This just isnt the art request for you, now run along and go eat a sandwich LOL

(SIX) 6. While I prefer to draw characters from the main cast, I will absolutely draw characters who have not been playable before! (EX, April, Vernon, Ariels, ETC) So, if you would like to see a nonplayable character drawn, please, by all means!

(SEVEN) 7. This one is not exactly a rule, per say, but lets say I have drawn a character in the past, but it was INSANELY simple (EX, Chipp, May, Anji) I would prioritize that character if they were to be requested, since I want to give a fair amount of characters proper attention.

Okay! That should be about it for now! I know a decent number of people who follow me are Guilty Gear fans, so if you have wanted to see a certain character, but I have not currently drawn them, hit me with a request! I would love to draw them ^o^

If I end up forgetting anything, I will come back to add to the list of rules, but for now, the offer is open with these guidelines ^.^


Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - June 2nd, 2023

Hi! Happy Pride month! Hope you're all doing well and protecting yourselves against the heat from summer ^.^; ahhhhhh its so hot.

I just wanted to give a quick update on the situation with the art requests I am taking :o I left the offer open for a few days, and I think I would like to close it, as I have gotten exactly three requests, and I think thats a pretty good number for me to deal with! Thank you to everyone who put in a request!

I have actually never taken multiple art requests at once, so this will be an experiment for me! I want to keep it very simple so, to the three people who I am doing requests for, I will do my best to have the art done for you throughout this month ^.^ If they end up coming a bit later, I apologize in advance. I want to make sure they look decent enough.

I do currently have school work, and am busy with a whole lot of other things in the meanwhile, so again, this might take a little bit of time, but Im very happy to have a safe number of requests to work on for the time being.

Anyways, thats all I wanted to say :o If this goes decently, I will def have another open art request in the future :o



Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - May 30th, 2023

Hi there! Hope you're all having a nice start of summer, its gotten so hot OMG ^.^;

I wanted to let you all know that I am going to be taking art requests exclusively for OCs! Why? Because I personally don't really have any OCs for myself (or ones I really draw anymore LOL) and I just genuinely enjoy drawing characters other people come up with as opposed to my own (hence why I make so much fanart instead of content of original things LOOOL)

Here are some rules for this! Please read this carefully.

ONE (1): The art style I will be drawing your OC in will ONLY be presented in one of my more simplistic styles of drawing characters. If you have seen some of my more stylized Guilty Gear fanart, you will know what I am talking about.

For some context, here is an example of what a finished project would look like;

This was a gift I made for a friend of mine simply because I thought their OC would suit my art style well, so if you feel as if your own OC would suit this art style, I would be happy to draw them for you like this!

TWO (2): NOTHING NSFW PLEASE ^.^; if your OC is like nakey most of the time or is very suggestive, I would prefer to not draw them. Im def not uncomfortable with NSFW, but I just prefer to not draw it for myself (Also like the style Im gonna be using REALLY wouldnt suit NSFW art anyways AHAHAHAH)

THREE (3): Please send me a link to a reference of your OC under this posts comments. My DMs here on Newgrounds are closed to everyone except those on my friends lists. So, if you DM me, and you just so happen to not be on my friends list, I will not see it. I want to make sure I see your request, so please send it here!

FOUR (4): I will do my best to get everyone's requests done if I can, however if something comes up, and I cannot complete yours, I apologize in advance. I am still finishing up a ton of things for other people I wanted to make them as well, so I do have a few things for others on the backburner right now, but I am willing to take on multiple projects at once. Please be patient with me, as I do not know how many requests from this post I am going to receive.

FIVE (5): If you have any special requests (outfit changes, poses, colours, etc) let me know! Don't be shy


SEVEN (7): I would prefer to keep this to only OCs for now. Please only send requests for characters YOU have created.

Okay, that should be about it! If I forgot anything I needed to add, I will come back to edit this later on ^.^ Depending on how many requests I get, I will end up closing this eventually, but for now, the offer is open to anyone!



Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - May 7th, 2023

Hi there!

This is a very special news post for me because I'm here to tell you all about a comic series I absolutely love ^.^

The comic's name is Gronk, and is by one of my good friends, Drello. Its humor is like actually insane, its gotten a lot of laughs out of me LMAO.

Gronk is essentially a series about various stick figure men living their lives in a wasteland. They basically mess around and insult each other, and sometimes even learn a thing or two (for example, they learn one time that the sun is insanely dangerous.

You can find Drello's Newgrounds page here:


One of my favorite recent comics he has done:

And here is an example of a general Gronk post that actually made me loose it LMAO:

(Im not even joking, the amount of nonsense going on in the Easter image made me almost choke ROFL)

Anyways, if this kind of humor appeals to ya, please check out his stuff and Gronk ^.^ He's super funny, and a very fun lad.



Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - March 20th, 2023

Hi there ^.^ so, the title is as it sounds, Im going to be doing a study of a character I've been drawing a lot lately LOL. (take a guess as to who it is LOL of course its gonna be a Guilty Gear character ;p)

I will update this news post to include both links once both art pieces are uploaded. One of them is a pixel art piece (I havent dont like sprite work in forever o_O wow) and the other one is just a traditional line and colour drawing. I really wanted to try my hands at doing a study to kind of compare what I used to do in the past most often (pixel art) to what I mainly do now these days (simple line work and traditional art work)

I would really love feedback as to which art piece you prefer and why once you see both! Please keep in mind, I have not done anything complex in pixel art for a VERY long time, so the sprite work may be lacking ^.^; LOL

Originally, I was going to do two pieces where the character was in the exact same pose to keep consistency, however I got VERY side tracked with what I wanted to do for the traditional drawing. You'll see what I mean later on ^.^ anyways, I'll keep this news post updated.


Thank you very much ^0^ Please let me know which one you prefer, if you like ^.^ I would love to have some feedback on this



Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - February 14th, 2023

Hey! Sorry. This isn’t exactly a news post. I just figured my last news page was just so old and outdated that it didn’t really need to be on the front page.

HOWEVER; One piece of important info to know for the future. A while ago I disabled notifications on news posts I think, and I thought it was just for one post, but so it turns out it just doesn’t notify me when people comment on news posts at all :0 so if I ever take a long time to respond, it’s because I’m not being notified right away. Just a small inconvenience.

anyways that’s all I wanted to say. Have a nice week


random edit: wow I sure said “news post” a lot of times in this LOOOOOL



Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - September 13th, 2022

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well ^.^ Some of you may recall, but a while ago I shut off my DMs here on newgrounds to kind of ease the amount of weird messages I was getting. (CONTEXT; when I say “weird” I mean from people who wanted to collab on things with me and got angry when I declined their offers)

I turned off DMs in general on here to make things more simple, i thought it was best to turn it off to everyone in general, since my friends list is generally long.

Considering it has been some time, and some people recently have sent me friend requests, I WILL be opening up my DMs here back again for anyone on my friends list ^.^

(I will be doing this within the next two days or so, so if you send anything and I do not reply, please assume the message did not go through and try again later on)

So, if you have sent me a friend request, and I have approved it, and just wanna chat, come say hi ^.^

UPDATE: I have just updated my message settings, so now people on my friends list should be able to message me! If you’re on the list, come say hi ^_^

if you are not on my friends list, and wanna chat with me sometime, send me a request ^_^



Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - July 30th, 2022

Hey ^_^

as you might have noticed, I have been uploading a fair amount of simplified Guilty Gear chibis ^_^ I have ended up making a few simply because I find them both fun and very easy to make.

I actually wanted to ask if there were any other GG characters you might want to see in this style. I would prefer to keep it to strive for now, as I intend on making chibis for all of the cast (so far, we still got more DLC coming LOL)

if you have any requests for what characters you want to see, let me know and I will prioritize them ^0^ strive is one of those games where I actually absolutely adore every playable character in the main cast, so don’t be shy.

so far I have made one for;





i have also made one for Leo as a request from a friend but I do not intend on releasing that one publicly cause it kind of sucks ^_^; gonna redo that one soon.

Believe it or not I do put a decent amount of time into each chibi, despite them being so simple looking and using a base I have made. I spend about 45ish minutes each on em to make sure the quality is okay :o

anyways, let me know who you want to see next if you have a request ^_^


Posted by IrisOfTheRepliforce - June 21st, 2022

Hi there ^_^

its been a bit since I’ve wrote out my thoughts on the posts page. Hope everyone’s having a nice summer so far.

speaking of the change of season, it isn’t uncommon for me to be busy with many different kinds of jobs this time of year :0 Of course, I’m a young woman so I’m busy mostly all the time these days LOL

With that being said, this leads me to what I’ve been meaning to talk about. You’ve probably noticed I haven’t uploaded sprite work/pixel art in a little while. It certainly isn’t because I have lost motivation in it, not at all. I still love doing sprite work, however it does take a lot of effort to complete. A lot of time and effort I find myself not having these days as often as I used to ^_^;

With that in mind, I actually ended up getting back into traditional line work, and it’s a lot of fun! My sketches are simple and all, and hardly won’t compare to any of the other great bits of art you’ll see here on Newgrounds, but I actually enjoy drawing quite a lot. It’s a whole lot simpler compared to full on pixel art too, in my opinion.

I still have some left over sprite work laying around, and maybe I might upload a few later on soon. I’ll still work on sprite work for sure, it’s just going to be a lot less these days ^_^;

I hope you guys like my silly little sketches, for now I’m mainly going to be uploading those. I do draw a lot, it’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

if you followed me for my sprite work, you can unfollow if you like, I understand ^_^

anyways, that’s all I wanted to say! Have a great day!