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SO cute >.< awwwhhh the persona music makes it even better

In the past few years, we've seen a lot of deaths from famous figures. Gilbert's death is the most upset I have ever been over an actor passing away, the world feels so much emptier without him.

Really good animation

Fantastic as always. Always great to see more family friendly content from this channel <3

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Thank you ^_^

Hello ^_^ I absolutely love your games, and have been playing them for a long time throughout my childhood too. I picked a really good time to play this game.

As of right now, I have a really big crush on a friend of mine who is bisexual. He is very sweet and maybe one day he will be more than a friend but that is besides the point. I do not want to go into great detail, however, once other people in my life found out I had a crush on someone who was bi, they questioned me and said some pretty nasty things. I am a straight girl, but I could not care less if the person who I like is attracted to men and women, and I expected those around me to have this attitude as well.

To anyone reading this, regardless of your sexuality, stay strong. Love is for EVERYONE.


Hi! I randomly remembered I made this comment years ago, so I thought I would give a little update ^.^ I ended up dating that friend I had a crush on! We decided down the line that we were better off as friends, and we still remain friends to this day! They actually go by they/them now too! (BTW them changing their identity has nothing to do with the break up, of course LOL) Im very happy to still have them in my life, and they are fantastic company.

As for me, TBH I dont even think I am straight anymore LOOOOOL AHAHAH IDK what I really am, but I don't mind not knowing! It matters to some people, and for some others it doesn't ^0^ I just vibe LOL

Anyways, I just thought it would be fun to do a small update. Stay well, everyone. (sorry this is so long LOL)

When I was little, that Monkey creature and the game over screen scared me so much >.<

I forget what he ends up wanting to do with that poor gerbil, but since it is deep fried I really hope he does not want to eat it

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Easily my fav theme in the game ^_^

SO good. If Robo Ky ever makes an appearance as a character or even a non playable character I hope he sounds something like this. The way you articulated as him, I can like easily picture him doing in an English voice.

Also this was so funny LMAO great stuff for sure

o_O so accurate OMG

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This is so cute!!!! I love the pose and the eyes ^.^ Always nice to see art of Bridget's XX design <3

meeote responds:

yess!!!!!!^.^ i love her xx design !!!!!! thank you somuh

aaaaaaaaa this is so pretty :o I love these colours so much I could stare at em all day

InkyTrash responds:

Thank you ! 😆

Only nickname I'll ever call her is "cowgirl" TBH ^.^

Really adorable art :o nice stuff

Hi there ^.^ I used to be a sprite artist, but these days I mainly just do traditional line work

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