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This is by far the most detailed Oneyplays animations I’ve seen. I loved all the references in this, I laughed so hard when I saw Inspector Gadget during the photo bit and Borat when he said Kazakhstan LMAO

OMFG So much happened in so little time

I <3 it so much ^_^ Ive always loved this animation meme and song, and I LOVE Gir 24/7 this is so perfect

TannieMattieX responds:

Thank you so much :)

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Thank you ^_^

Hello ^_^ I absolutely love your games, and have been playing them for a long time throughout my childhood too. I picked a really good time to play this game.

As of right now, I have a really big crush on a friend of mine who is bisexual. He is very sweet and maybe one day he will be more than a friend but that is besides the point. I do not want to go into great detail, however, once other people in my life found out I had a crush on someone who was bi, they questioned me and said some pretty nasty things. I am a straight girl, but I could not care less if the person who I like is attracted to both genders, and I expected those around me to have this attitude as well.

To anyone reading this, regardless of your sexuality, stay strong. Love is for EVERYONE.

When I was little, that Monkey creature and the game over screen scared me so much >.<

I forget what he ends up wanting to do with that poor gerbil, but since it is deep fried I really hope he does not want to eat it

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o_O so accurate OMG

<3 Amazing

Ghosts and Goblins ^_^ good job, Capcom

Wonderful music

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Gonna be honest with ya, if I saw this monster in a dark alley way. I would be less scared and more interested on asking him where he got parts of it his outfit LOL

Love it ^.^

MayaMalice responds:

Thanks so much^^

:o Amazing sprite work you have been doing for consoles. These are all so clean.
Love this ^.^ I've always wanted to own a Game Gear to play more of the 8-bit Sonic titles

Ossi101 responds:

Thank you so much!

I still have my Game Gear but I lost the battery covers when I was a kid so if I try and use it they fall out because my hands just press against the batteries lol. It was definitely a fun handheld for it's time though!

perfect style :o wow I love it ^.^

Hey ^_^ It is nice to meet you. I am a 19 year old girl, and I am Canadian. I am a sprite artist, and also love games both old and new. Cheers ^o^



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